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Amplified Hearing

Hosted by Nathan Bush and Chuck Robinson, Amplified is a podcast tailored specifically for Hearing Industry Influencers, and those breaking into the field. We discuss important topics in hearing healthcare with Hearing Instrument Specialists, Audiologists, and ENT's. Every episode, we reach out to top producers and industry influencers for detailed discussion & intellectual analysis that you simply won't find anywhere else.




Amplified Hearing Episode 6: Accelerating Your Success As An HCP

On this episode, join Chuck Robinson for a quick recap of his time at the 2021 IHS Convention. Discover what you need to uncover the mindset of top hearing practitioners & learn the secrets of our unique sales acceleration, with specific tips, tools, and tricks designed specifically for use in the Hearing Healthcare Industry.

Amplified Hearing Episode 5: Over The Counter Hearing Aids with Dr. Kim Cavitt & Jonathan Bushman

On this episode of Amplified Hearing, Chuck Robinson & Nathan Bush, joined by Dr. Kim Cavitt (Audiology Resources) & Jonathan Bushman (Miracle-Ear Advocates) discuss perspectives on President Biden's plan to allow over the counter hearing aids and related issues.

Amplified Episode 4: Digital Marketing with Shane Gebhards

On this episode of our Amplified Hearing Podcast, Chuck & Nathan interview Shane Gebhards, a digital marketing expert for the hearing industry. Learn how carefully craft and connect creative content to enhance your digital brand.

Amplified Episode 3: Career Building - Four Personality Types

Chuck & Nathan are back once again with this episode of Amplified Hearing to provide you with helpful information about the four different personality types, and how to communicate effectively with each in a professional environment for maximum productivity.

Amplified Episode 2: Career Building - Interviews

Chuck Robinson & Nathan Bush are back once again with another informational segment with tips for your next interview.

Amplified Episode 1: Career Building - Resumes

Chuck & Nathan share tips for building your resume to succeed in landing your dream job opportunity.

Amplified Episode 0: Who We Are

In this precursor to our very first episode, we discuss who we are, and what viewers can learn and expect from our podcast.


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