In the Sales Accelerator Course you will:
  1. Make more money by uncovering the mindset of top hearing practitioners
  2. Learn the secrets of our unique sales acceleration formula 
  3. Conquer and demonstrate the art of small talk, active listening, and case history 
  4. Optimize counseling appointments through powerful persuasion and communication techniques 
  5. Utilize proven problem-solving strategies to reduce reluctance to treatment 
  6. Explain and master negotiation skills that build value for hearing aids and our profession
  7. Recognize buyer signals and practice the art of overcoming objections 
  8. Construct tactful tools to battle OTC hearing aids and managed care contracts 
  9. Discover unique follow-up strategies for patients who did not purchase that lead to future sales
Bonus Material
  • Examine how to counsel to the different buyer personality types
  • Design a rockstar referral process that keeps your clinic full with qualified patients
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